Featured writer week 26

From now on we’ll try and keep up with this on a weekly basis. Promise!

Thanks to all who took part and promoted us last week, we had some brilliant stories and everyone deserves a big pat on the back. After much deliberation we chose the following featured writer:

Week 26

Untitled by Elaine McKay

Without giving too much away, Elaine uses an interesting structure in this piece to convey a sense of tragedy and destruction through the removed point of view of a journalist/news reporter. What’s excellent about this piece is the deliberateness in the confusing narrative, and the way that once you’ve finished, it makes perfect sense. Thank you to Elaine for taking part again, and thanks for writing us a brilliant story, well done!

Please take a moment to read this story and leave Elaine some feedback.


If anyone wants to workshop their writing further and get more feedback, please join our CAKE.writers group on Scribophile. Scrib is free to join and provides a safe, friendly community to get feedback from a lot of different writers.

7 thoughts on “Featured writer week 26

  1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. I have so much more material as a result of the write-ins.Thank you, also, for the prompts and for all the hard work.

  2. I didn’t get a chance to give feedback last week but I really liked the way this worked. It’s like the narrator is imagining his own fame through the internal monologue. I love the way you experiment with the narration of your pieces, this is the perfect forum for it and this one really works effectively. Well done!

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