Featured writer week 25

I know you all want to know who won last week’s Wednesday Write-in to become our 25th featured writer. First I’d just like to say a quick thanks to all of our writers and community members, and especially to those of you who’ve stuck with us since the beginning. You’ve helped make this a lovely place to write and read every week, and we’re proud to host your stories! Here’s to another 25 write-ins…

Without further ado, here is our winner, who will shortly be the owner of a £5 voucher for amazon.

Week 25

Bernadette by Emmaleene Leahy

From the first line Emmaleene introduces us to a world that seems sinister and otherworldly, and she keeps up a theme of good and evil throughout, prayer and sinning. The religious overtones are really interesting contrasted with the cruelty inflicted on the main character, and you find yourself rooting for her. In that respect I was a little disappointed that the ending spells out her defeat so clearly: I’d have liked a little more ambiguity, but Emmalene is to be congratulated for conjuring up such a rich world and tapestry of relationships in a short space.

Please take a moment to read Bernadette and leave Emmaleene some feedback.


If anyone wants to workshop their writing further and get more feedback, please join our CAKE.writers group on Scribophile. Scrib is free to join and provides a safe, friendly community to get feedback from a lot of different writers.


4 thoughts on “Featured writer week 25

  1. Thank you, what a lovely surprise.

    I would have loved to have written a happier ending for poor Bernadette but I felt I had to keep it true to how things would have typically happened for the girls in The Magdelene Laundaries. It’s hard to believe that this used to happen.

    I am so pleased to be picked, thanks so much. Thanks for the weekly inspiration. Here’s to the next 25.

    • No, I think you were right not to give her a happy ending, it wouldn’t have felt authentic to the rest of the story.

      Believe it or not, they’re all scheduled now! All everyone has to do it show up and write ;D

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