Workshop :: Full Steam Ahead!

Sorry for the short notice, but we have another exciting workshop happening tomorrow.

Sarah Grace and Rebecca Audra are running a workshop responding to the installation by Joanna Vasconcelos at Manchester Art Gallery. 

The workshop runs from 12-2pm, and we’ll be meeting in the main entrance of the gallery at 11:50 to start prompt from 12. 

Britannia hanging in the atrium.

Britannia hanging in the atrium.

You can find the event on facebook here.

Through the use of traditional Portuguese techniques and materials – crochet, lace, ceramics – she seeks to debunk the rigid pomposity of fine art, creating informal public art spaces. 

The workshop is free, but we welcome donations for the workshop facilitators.

We hope to see some of you there! 

Making Found Poems at Nexus Art Café


The writing group met again on Sunday afternoon. Things have been quiet over the summer so I’ve been trying to come up with new exercises and games that will kick start everyone’s imagination.

For this exercise I cut up the words from September Tomatoes by Karina Borowicz. Everyone was given the mixed-up words from the poem and charged with creating their own poems/narratives from what they had.

Read more about the process, and find examples of my own found poems on my blog.

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