New publication call to arms!

Writers, dust off your best stories and poetry. Submissions are now open for Quimperfect Tense 🙂

a slice of imagination

Quimperfect Tense is a new online publication and literary development group run by myself, Rebecca Audra Smith and Jacky Hillary.

We’re women-focused (hence the name), but we really just want to feature writing that treats women well as characters. We’re open to submissions from anyone, no matter what gender you identify as.

  • Our first submission window is open from April 1st – April 30th, and the (suggested) theme is The Body.
  • Short fiction should be no more than 1000 words (if you have something a bit over, please contact us) and flash fiction (less than 500) is preferred.
  • Poetry should be 40 lines or less, and again, shorter pieces are ideal.
  • We are also interested in pitches for short articles, interviews, short form comics, and creative non-fiction.

Send submissions to before April 30th for the chance to appear in the first issue!

At the moment we are unable to…

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Flash Fiction Day 2013

If you haven’t yet heard, tomorrow will be the second ever International Flash Fiction Day. This might be a bit confusing because it was in May last year, but it’s been moved to June 22nd to celebrate the shortest night of the year.

In honour of the occasion (if a little behind schedule) we’ve planned a creative writing workshop, which will be held in Manchester Art Gallery tomorrow.


We’ll be meeting in the cafĂ© (on the right as you go in the main entrance) at 12pm. We’ll spend about an hour and a half going through some of the galleries and responding to different art works, after which we’ll have a tea & cake break in the cafĂ© and some more sedate writing exercises.

The event is FREE, so please do join us and tell all your friends to come along too.

There’s a facebook events page for the workshop right here.


We’ll also be opening a flash fiction competition on the blog soon. Keep checking in to find out more.

Check out this post about our first publication!

a slice of imagination

Thank you to the lovely Louise Gibney for tagging me in her Blog Hop! Louise is a novelist, blogger and generally brilliant person who wrote Girl Meets Boys, and is now working on her own Next Big Thing.

The first book I’ll be self-publishing, and my Next Big Thing, is a short story collection by myself and three good friends. It will be released in early 2013, and it will be awesome.

The other writers involved are Jacky Hillary, Naomi Racz and Helen Dring.


What is the working title of your next book?

It’s called Recipe, which we felt got across the idea of a few different ingredients (the writers) being combined to make something delicious and awesome (the book). Quite a few of the stories feature food as a theme too, so it just kind of clicked. 

Where did the idea come from…

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Please take a moment to read Babushka’s Wardrobe by Anthony, which I’ve chosen as our 17th featured story.
This story is an interesting take on remembering a loved one, and exploring their life through the mementoes they have left behind. The language creates a very rich atmosphere and lost world. Have a read!

Featured writer week 12

Featured writer week 12 – our shortest featured piece yet!

Congratulations to Craig for working in all five prompts in just 39 words. This tiny piece of microfiction speaks worlds about its main character, conveying an awful lot of backstory in a beautifully concise manner.

So, will you all be writing microfiction next week?

Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

Tonight’s guest blog post, on the topic of her flash fiction magazine, is brought to you by Sarah Grace Logan.

Want to publish your own short stories? This is what I did.

What it is.

After two years of creative drought, in April this year I decided it was time to start writing again.

I’d heard of a group that published short stories in local cafés the year before, but when I went to look they’d stopped running. So, I decided to just publish my own.

The idea behind it is to take great short stories and put them in front of the public. We deliver them to independent cafés and a library, the idea being that they are enjoyed with a tea or coffee, like a slice of cake.

You can download our previous issues free here.

Starting CAKE

As submissions started to come in, I realised…

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Some beautiful photos of one of our lovely host venues, The Portico Library … check it out!

a slice of imagination

The Portico is one of my favourite libraries. It’s tucked away in the heart of Manchester’s city centre – blink and you’ll definitely miss it. It’s one of few surviving independent libraries and the team work really hard to keep it going, and to engage with local writers, both new and old. When I started setting up CAKE.shortandsweet I knew that Portico would be the ideal host, and was delighted by how enthusiastic and accommodating I found them.

Most of the library is accessible only to members, but I was lucky enough to be shown around the first time I visited. I have plans of using the library as the setting for part of a graphic novel I desperately want to write … one of these days!

You can find out more about the Portico Library on their website.

All images © Sarah Grace Logan 2012

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June 20th is International Short Story Day and we’re running an event to celebrate it! You can meet other writers, read/listen to stories and enter some competitions to help us cover our printing costs. There will be a short story competition on the day and the winners will be published in Issue 3.

Manchester. Saturday 16th June. Nexus Art Café.


RSVP here or on the facebook page! Hope to see plenty of you there.

p.s. the prizes are awesome