CAKE.shortandsweet @ Mancstercon this weekend!

That’s right, there’s a brand new indie comics convention taking place in Manchester this weekend, and we’re going to be part of it.

As many of you know, we’ve been working on some short story pamphlets which will be sold at the con to raise money to support CAKE. Editor Sarah Grace Logan will be selling these along with a pamphlet of her own work, and an e-book will be made available soon.

The part you’re really interested in, however, is that we’ll be selling homemade cakes and other baked goods on our stall!

Like these irresistible butterhorns. Mm.

Like these irresistible butterhorns. Mm.

We’re also part of Sunday’s programme and will be delivering a writing workshop in the afternoon. This is in place of our usual meeting at Nexus.

So, just to be clear: the writing group will not meet at Nexus this Sunday, but at Madlab. This will require you to get an entry pass for the convention, but it only costs £3 on the day, and CAKE.writers will get a free cake from our stall as a thank you for coming! If you want to come for the whole weekend, £5 gets you a weekend pass, including entry to the pre-party on Friday night.


Check out the map here.


CAKE on Sunday

Thanks to those who braved the icy temperatures today to join us in Nexus Art Café for some writing and cake pops!

We had a lot of fun today and some of us even got some NaNoWriMo written. Jon has written up a quick rundown of what we did and posted the lovely stories he wrote at the meeting. You can read them on his blog here.

We also released a preview of our upcoming short story collection, which you can download and read here!

download the .pdf to read! announcement

Some of you may remember us putting a call out several months ago for writers to contribute to a book.

This has been bubbling along in the background of all the issues and write-ins, and we’re delighted to announce that our first official CAKE.shortandsweet collection will be published in the new year. It will feature brand new short stories by Sarah Grace Logan, Naomi Racz, Jacky Hillary and Helen Dring.

We will be sharing excerpts from the book at our special writer’s circle meeting on Sunday 18th November. If anybody would like a review copy before release, please let us know!

Deadlines encroaching

One more week to get stories in for Issue 4. The optional theme is Dog Days. Please send all submissions to

Emails have been sent to those who expressed interested in getting involved with which we hope to publish for Short Story Week in November. If you’re interested and haven’t yet got in touch, this is your last chance – send us an email or comment asap to be included!