Wednesday Write-in #85

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Welcome to the Wednesday Write-in!

Welcome to the Wednesday Write-in. This event runs every week to help any and all writers take control of their productivity and imaginations. Please join in; we’d love to read your work.


porcelain  ::  flex  ::  shadow  ::  strawberry jam  ::  frozen


There are no rules, but here are some guidelines:

  • Use the prompts as inspiration or try to work them into your story somehow. Use as many as you want.
  • When your story is done, post it online (your blog/twitter/in a comment here), tag with #wednesdaywritein if you like, and comment with a link so we can read it.
  • Please take the time to read and comment on as many other stories as you have time for (but we won’t shout at you if you don’t).
  • If you want to write a poem, a script, or something completely different, feel free.

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74 thoughts on “Wednesday Write-in #85

  1. Diary of a Male Model
    Have to get up; seriously need to point Percy at the porcelain. Just another minute…
    Grinned at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. Yup, teeth looking good. Bit of a shadow under the eyes but not too bad considering last night. Makeup will fix that. No zits, thank God. Flexed my pecs and struck a pose. All good. Ready for the Speedo shoot this arvo with Kate (Moss you know).
    Headed downstairs for a healthy smoothie. Organic yoghurt, banana, frozen berries and a tiny bit of strawberry jam to sweeten. Need to keep in shape…
    “Charlie! Stop daydreaming and get your backside out of bed. Your Weetabix is on the table and you can’t be late for college. Bus leaves in half an hour!”

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  3. Catherine layed back on the lounger, the sun glowing on her perfect porcelain skin. With a flex of her arms and sighed with satisfaction as she thought of their dreamy weekend in Paris. She then ate her strawberry jam on toast, savouring every bite, followed by long glugs of cafitere coffee. About to recline back on her lounger she couldn’t help but notice a shadow watching her through the garden fence. Its dark eyes like clouds of doom penetrated right through her. Frozen with fear she could neither move nor scream!

    • I think this story might continue in any direction author would choose. It could be a thriller or it could be a romantic something-something. Either way, great beginning!

      • Thanks Alisa. It was just something I put together in a whim really. Not sure where it will go!?XX

    • Argh! I’m all for leaving a story up to the reader’s imagination, but this is just *too* tantalising. You do a great job of ramping up the tension, and it’s a shame that we don’t learn what the mysterious shadow is. A very engaging story, nonetheless.

      Also, on a minor grammatical point (sorry – I’m a stickler!) it should be ‘Catherine lay back on the lounger,’ not ‘layed.’ *removes pedantic hat* 🙂

      • Ah thanks for the compliment. And I appreciate you pointing me in the direction of my my grammatical error. I would do exactly same. I’ve got sum ideas but not sure how to put it together!XX

      • Yeah this cold be true. Am not a fan of cats as a rule. I guess it could be a black shapeshifting cat!?

  4. I meant to say “she sighed” not “and sighed” duh! Elaine that is a really funny piece. Really made me giggle this “arvo”!XX

  5. I could taste the memory of picnic on my lips: strawberry jam. It seemed incongruous on a freezing cold night.They’d chosen. That’s how it was. Last night, it was touch, but I had no real reference for porcelain. Why would I?
    Brain flex was their name for it. It made my eyes stream with strain.

    ‘Can I stop now?’
    ‘No. We need this. It is deemed important. In fact, show us now what important feels like.’
    ‘I’m not sure it’s a feeling.’
    ‘There’s always an associated feeling.’
    They tightened their grip around my thoughts.
    ‘Ok! Stop.’
    Their grip lessened; the pain lessened.

    I thought hard about the word- important. That was how I always started.Then, Celia snapped into my mind. Spare her from this: keep going, really important, be a good subject, really important, give them what they want, really important. For her sake.

    ‘Physical response: raised blood pressure, palpitations. Visual: young child’s face. No direct association with smells or tastes,’ said the shadow on the wall.’
    ‘Cross reference with fear, anger and love,’ said the shadow on the ceiling.

  6. #85 2nd April 2014
    Here is my contribution for this week

    The Burglar

    I knew someone had entered my small terraced house; the small paper tag I always trap in the door had fallen down as soon as my ‘visitor’ had opened it. If they were still inside they would not realise I knew they were there.
    I entered with as much rattling of the lock and slamming of the door as was required to warn my adversary; they might just try to run for it, not knowing I had locked it. If they were here they were mine now. I moved down the hallway, silent as a shadow and opened the kitchen door quickly but silently; nobody, just the throb of the large chest freezer. I took a white porcelain bowl and the equipment for an injection from the cupboard. I put the kettle on to boil and made some tea and a strawberry jam sandwich, my favourite; it could take some time and I was peckish.

    Eventually I heard someone creeping down the stairs, and then trying the locked front door; I quickly stepped out of the kitchen, the bright fluorescent light cast my large, long shadow down the narrow hallway.
    ‘Hello?’ I shouted.
    It was a young man, he looked surprised, ‘I don’t want to harm you,’ he croaked, quivering, ‘I was just looking for some money, I’m desperate.’
    ‘I know, they always are; is it drugs, do you need a fix?’
    ‘Yes, I’m desperate.’
    ‘Yes you said before; but that’s your fault isn’t it, why should I provide you with money for drugs, they’ll kill you anyway?’
    ‘Please I’ll do anything.’
    ‘Come through into the kitchen; I have something for you.’
    I poured boiling water into the bowl then added the syringe and biocide.
    ‘Sit down.’
    He was shaking so much I couldn’t tell if he was frightened, frozen, or just suffering withdrawal tremors. I took out a vial of morphine sulphate and sucked a dose into the syringe.
    ‘Roll up your sleeve.’
    I cleaned his arm with the sterile water.
    ‘Hold your arm out flat on the table please.’
    He was in a bad way but I would find a vein that would take the needle.
    ‘Thanks,’ he said as I injected him and watched the tremors subside and the fear leave his eyes.
    When he was asleep slumped forward over the table, I lifted him up, he weighed nothing, and placed him in the freezer. Tomorrow night I would leave him outside near the back gate of the park; just another street person who had died of hypothermia; another poor soul I had released from a life of torment. Perhaps I would use a knife next time; it had been a while since I had chosen to expertly and painlessly flex my skilful blade.

  7. Thanks Elaine & Tessa. Tbh it was just a spur of the moment idea. I’m thinking that the shadow is half spirit half human and is hunting down Catherine from when they were in a past life together. Thats as far as I’ve got really XX

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  9. I honestly don’t know Elaine. Didn’t think that far ahead. Just did it on a whim. Maybe Catherine could have her soul taken and replaced by the evil shadow?!XX

  10. Aw thanks Elaine! I’m actually just new to writing but have always had a love of fiction ever since I read Enid Blyton “The Enchanted Wood”. These weekly write in’s with prompts really help don’t they! Ur piece is very intriguing & punchy. I like the way u pointed out all the physical responses XX

  11. Thank you. I would quite like to attend the Writers Circle. Do you know if it’ll be starting up again any time?X X

    • I don’t know, sorry. I’m up in Scotland so don’t get to attend. But a couple of others do, I’m sure they’ll put you right when they read this. It does seem like Sarah has lots of exciting things happening down there!

    • Hi Natalie, keep an eye on the site and also FaceBook. As you know the Circle isn’t meeting at the moment, but Sarah was starting up occasional (monthly?) workshops costing £15. I don’t know when the next one is. By the way, if you Reply to someone’s story or their comment to use click on the little Reply right under theirs rather than the main Comment box so the ‘conversation’ stays together. Glad you are enjoying Cake, it’s great inspiration having the prompts, and reading heat everyone writes.

    • I’ve just clicked on the word ‘Reply’ immediately under your note to me. See how my message should appear right under yours?

      • Thanks to Elaine Peters and Elaine Mackay for telling me about the posts to look for and where to leave the reply.

  12. Thanks Patrick. I felt like mine may be have been a bit too short compared to ur’s & the other pieces which are filled with elaborate detail & intrigue. I am just starting out so its really nice to get some response & feedback. Thank you.

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