Wednesday Write-in #71

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Welcome to the Wednesday Write-in!

Welcome to the Wednesday Write-in. This event runs every week to help any and all writers take control of their productivity and imaginations. Please join in; we’d love to read your work.

Merry Christmas, one and all! Of course, celebrating doesn’t let you off writing. Get to it!


eye of the storm  ::  lullaby  ::  postcard  ::  twig  ::  bakery


There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some brief guidelines:

  • You can use the prompts as inspiration or try to work them into your story somehow. Use as many as you want.
  • When your story is done, post it online (your blog/twitter/in a comment here), tag with #wednesdaywritein if you like, and comment with a link so we can read it.
  • Please take the time to read and comment on as many other stories as you have time for (but we won’t shout at you if you don’t).
  • If you want to write a poem, a script, or something completely different, feel free.

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Any questions? Otherwise, have fun writing!


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Write-in #71

  1. Is there anybody out there? Here’s mine just in case!

    A Christmas Story
    Kate heaved a sigh of relief as she stepped through the back door of the bakery into the crisp evening air. They had been over-run with customers rushing to buy last minute bread and cakes and it would be the same tomorrow. It always was extra busy on Christmas Eve. Tonight she would relax. She was looking forward to curling up on the sofa and watching a dvd with a big mug of cocoa, then early to bed.
    Walking home through the quiet streets the scene was picture postcard pretty. A light dusting of snow glittered on the pavements and coloured Christmas tree lights twinkled from every house. Somewhere in the distance carols were playing but the only other sounds were Kate’s own footsteps treading on the worn pavements and kicking up twigs that littered the ground following the recent high winds.
    Nearly home. Kate smiled tiredly as she thought of her cosy cottage. Then suddenly she heard a new sound, much nearer at hand. It was coming from a disused garage. A sweet voice was singing, then the voice broke and turned into a sob. Kate hesitated. Someone might be in trouble. She couldn’t just walk past.
    As she rounded the corner of the building Kate saw the slight figure of a girl sitting on a step with a bundle in her arms. She was bent over crying. Then the bundle produced a feeble cry and Kate realised with horror that it was a baby.
    ‘Hello, please don’t be scared, I just want to help.’ Kate approached slowly as the girl looked up with a start. ‘It’s very cold to be outside with a baby, haven’t you got anywhere to go? No? Well come with me.’
    The girl stood up meekly, she looked hardly more than a child herself. Kate put her arm around her thin shoulders and led her the short distance to her cottage. She gave her cocoa and toast with honey and watched as she sat in Kate’s favourite chair beside the fire smiling and humming a lullaby as she nursed her tiny son. Kate would enjoy the peace tonight, the quiet time in the eye of the storm that would surely blow up tomorrow when the authorities had to be called.

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