Wednesday Write-in #67

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Welcome to the Wednesday Write-in!

Welcome to the Wednesday Write-in. This event runs every week to help any and all writers take control of their productivity and imaginations. Please join in; we’d love to read your work.


free sample  ::  clan  ::  spray  ::  seared  ::  daytripper


There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some brief guidelines:

  • You can use the prompts as inspiration or try to work them into your story somehow. Use as many as you want.
  • When your story is done, post it online (your blog/twitter/in a comment here), tag with #wednesdaywritein if you like, and comment with a link so we can read it.
  • Please take the time to read and comment on as many other stories as you have time for (but we won’t shout at you if you don’t).
  • If you want to write a poem, a script, or something completely different, feel free.

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13 thoughts on “Wednesday Write-in #67

  1. The whole clan had hired ‘Pete’s Day-Tripper’ minibus to bring them to the beach. They were laden down with towels and fold-up chairs and baskets of food and drink. Jed was already at the picnic area lighting up the barbeque. He was doing tuna. He’d have the pan really hot, spray it with the lightest mist of oil, then cook the steaks so they were seared on the outside but still raw in the middle. Delicious. But first he’d see off the little bottle of vodka he’d been given as a free sample …
    That was a mistake.

  2. Late and done on my mobile. Hope not too shambolic.

    The seared skin on her arm professed she was part of their clan.
    But she was not of their brand.
    Daytrippers, they were called. They terrorised The StartAgainWorld, swooping from the skies, gluttonous for anything not theirs, but chiefly they wanted the Kiddies.
    Purpose Sport was its name.
    She needed a trophy soon… three trips out and nothing. ‘No Sport ; No Purpose’ Luhk had sprayed at her on descent.

    She could hear the horror being reeked even from her hiding place.

    The siren went up for the Daytrippers’ return to the craft. Empty handed once more; she knew she was done for.
    She began her ascent.

    ‘Smiles! I got you a free sample,’ shouted Ran as he rushed up and beyond the clouds.
    She avoided looking at the wet warm bundle now in her hands: the stench was all she required to identify it.

    She’d survive today.

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