Wednesday Write-in #58

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Welcome to the Wednesday Write-in!

Welcome to the Wednesday Write-in. This event runs every week to help any and all writers take control of their productivity and imaginations. Please join in; we’d love to read your work.


birthday party  ::  notebook  ::  squash  ::  fresh meat  ::  light


There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some brief guidelines:

  • You can use the prompts as inspiration or try to work them into your story somehow. Use as many as you want.
  • When your story is done, post it online (your blog/twitter/in a comment here), tag with #wednesdaywritein if you like, and comment with a link so we can read it.
  • Please take the time to read and comment on as many other stories as you have time for (but we won’t shout at you if you don’t).
  • If you want to write a poem, a script, or something completely different, feel free.

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20 thoughts on “Wednesday Write-in #58

  1. Birthday Treat
    The little boy’s birthday party was going full pelt in the play area available for rent at the Safari Park Visitor Centre. Amid the usual chaos the four candles had been lit, cake and orange squash dispensed (wine for the adults) and the mother had tried to keep a list of who had given what present in her notebook.
    But one little girl had wondered off unnoticed.
    ‘Hey big kitty,’ she lisped.
    ‘Mmmm,’ the lioness licked her lips. ‘Fresh meat!’

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  4. Hi everyone
    a quick one this week!
    The butcher’s charm
    Elizabeth was busy with the birthday party preparation so she tore a page from her notebook and wrote a list.
    Chemist: Granny’s prescription.
    Shop: squash (dilutable no fizz).
    Butchers: diced stewing beef.
    It was in the butcher’s that he got delayed.
    The sight of fresh meat always made Sam feel light headed. There was a slow moving queue. Old ladies puffed up their purple perms, blushing at the slick tongued compliments of the man behind the counter sharpening his blade while charming the ladies. Sam’s head was warm and throbbing.
    More flirtatious laughter and squeals of delight from grannys.
    “Ah I’ll throw in an extra chop there for you Mrs. McGrath and there’s a few bones for the dog.”
    Raw meat exchanging hands trading in dead flesh, casual chit chat and winks and smiles.
    “Ah you must have got the hair done today Mrs. Aren’t you looking well.”
    He knew how to distract them from the task at hand like a magician, “Ta da there’s some dead animal and thanks for yer money Mrs.”
    Felt like he couldn’t breathe air too thick for his lungs to process.
    Slabs of red meat swam behind the curved glass they were displayed behind. Everything swayed and blurred
    ‘You okay son?’
    Sam’s request for stewing beef was lost in the gasp of old ladies and the bang as he hit the sawdust sprinkled floor.

    • As a committed veggie who used to work behind a butcher’s counter, I empathise deeply with Sam! Well observed piece, and amusingly written. It’s very absorbing, and I wonder if it could be the beginning of something bigger? 🙂

      • That can’t have been a pleasant experience: at least you’ve found your true calling- one where blood and guts are only fictional! You’re spot on this is part of something bigger- I am recently being drawn back to my novel and this scene makes a perfect little bridge between two bits I’ve written- he’s going to have to go visit his granny & drop off her tablets isn’t he!

    • The description of the meat being chopped up was very detailed and did a great job describing the setting. Poor Sam! The old ladies were amusing. I could really picture them. Good job! 🙂

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