New Writing Workshop @ MCDC

From this Friday August 2nd, I’ll be running a creative writing workshop to tie in with the Forming Words exhibition currently being held at Manchester Craft & Design Centre.

Manchester Craft & Design Centre’s latest exhibition, Forming Words, showcases a selection of contemporary craft objects which have been inspired and informed by text. Each work in this exhibition was specially commissioned by Flow Gallery, London, and responds to a piece of writing of the artist’s choice, from poetry to a letter to lyrics. MCDC is the exhibition’s first touring venue outside London.

The exhibition features 17 international artists from the UK, Ireland, USA, the Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden. Each artist has approached the theme differently, resulting in a thought provoking exhibition showcasing the inspiration that text can provide.  It showcases a variety of disciplines including jewellery, ceramics and enamel.

Forming Words will be open at Manchester Craft and Design Centre on Saturday 13 July 2013 – Saturday 9 November 2013

The workshop will run 11-1 every other Friday for a couple of months (I’ll update when I know exactly how long it’ll run for!). Take a look at the Facebook event page to find out more.

You don’t need to bring anything except paper and something to write with. People sometimes bring laptops or tablets to my workshops; this is okay, but I do often end up making people do things that can only be done with paper!

The workshops will respond to the exhibition, and look at a range of different creative writing skills and techniques. The focus will be on short stories and longer fiction, but poetry and script writers are encouraged to join in. There will be no pressure to read work out, and inexperienced/new writers are very welcome.


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