Trouble commenting?

I’m not sure if WordPress has upped its spam-catching radar lately, but a lot of comments have been disappearing into spam. If your post doesn’t show up right away, let me know either in an email to, or on facebook, and I will free it as soon as I can.

A lot of spam comments are just jargon sentences with long web links. So, one way to avoid your comments dropping into spam by mistake is to embed your web links within the text. This is easy, I promise!

Type <a href=” “> </a>. That’s easy, no? It’s just working out where to put what.

You put your link inside the bracket and the text you want to appear between the two brackets.

<a href=”“>Wednesday Write-in #48</a> will end up looking like this: Wednesday Write-in #48.

I hope that’s useful – if anyone is still having problems, please let me know!


4 thoughts on “Trouble commenting?

    • Looks like you got the code right but you must remember to put your ‘appearance text’ between the two brackets, or nothing will show up 🙂 I usually use the name of the story or post that I’m linking to!

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