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Wenesday Write-in

You might notice that I’ve updated the text of the weekly Wednesday Write-in posts, and that there hasn’t been a featured writer post for a while. I realised that having a ‘winner’ each week had strayed from the fundamental idea of just getting people to have a go at writing. This isn’t meant to be a competition, it’s about having a go and practising. So, hopefully nobody minds, but I won’t be picking a featured writer any more.

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On the other hand, I’d like to start having regular contests (perhaps quarterly, maybe every six months) to produce a book of short stories by CAKE.writers. The first anthology has been in progress now for almost a year so I’m hoping to get that sorted in the next couple of months. But if you think you’d like to get involved with making our own book stick your hand up!


Flash Fiction Day

International Flash Fiction Day returns on June 22nd this year and we plan to hold an event in Manchester again, although we’re not quite sure what yet! Put it in your diaries, and tell us what sort of thing you’d like to do. Like last year, we’d love to tie it with an online event (last time we had a flash fiction competition open), so if you have any ideas please comment.

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The writing group is moving from May 19th to May 12th. So, we’ll see you again this Sunday, after which the next meeting will be June 2nd. We’ll also meet in Salford Zine Library from now on, instead of The Nook. You find this by walking past the till/kitchen area, through the doors, and go to the second room on the left. It’s much quieter!


7 thoughts on “Stuff and Nonsense

  1. I’m sorry there won’t be any more featured writers (I can cross that off my list of life goals, now!) but I’d definitely be interested in taking part in the contest to produce an anthology of stories *sticks hand up*. I’d also be thrilled to see a flash fiction competition for National Flash Fiction Day. Brilliant!

    • I think I decided it wasn’t fair to pitch everyone against each other – not to mention that reading and reviewing every story every week, is a bigger commitment than I have time for right now! This way I can put that time to doing something more exciting with CAKE 🙂

  2. My hand is very up for the anthology and I look forward to your Flash Fiction event. I’m away from Manchester until June so will miss the writing group for a while.
    Discontinuing the featured writer is a smart move. I always thought it would be too much work. Nice while it lasted though.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. I would love to be part of the anthology. Sounds great. No problems with featured writer being dropped. I think we all do the write-in because we really enjoy it. Also, it makes me write instead of constantly just promising myself I will write and never actually doing it. So that is a definite hand up!

  4. Echoing what everyone’s said, keep up your good work, I’d love to help and participate in the anthology as well, wish I was close to Manchester and able to participate in your writer’s group but always send you my best wishes from across the pond.

  5. My hand is up too for the book and an event. And I certainly don’t mind you dropping the featured writer, but that’s only because I’d never win it (ha!). I enjoyed the Sunday meeting I attended in April, but unfortunately I won’t be able to make the next couple of dates. I’ll look forward to 22 June.

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