Featured writer week 29

Thanks to all who took part. We’ll be doing something a little special next week as it’s our 30th write-in, so make sure you show up for that and tell all your friends to get involved!

There have been a few rumblings lately about giving critiques on other people’s stories – some participants seem to feel that they don’t give adequate critiques, Would it help to have some discussion/posts about critiquing stories?

In the meantime, on to this week’s winner…

Week 29

Overheard #1: The Housing Officer by Patrick Prinsloo

I mentioned in my comment to Patrick that it’s a delight to see writers taking up this challenge to write stories that don’t just entertain us but challenge the way we think about the world. Stories that make us uncomfortable. With Overheard #1 Patrick takes a look at some all too common misconceptions and general apathy about the state of our government and processing systems for refugees. With his farcical style, Patrick draws attention to the bitter reality that people are facing, and the dreamworld a lot of us seem to live in regarding foreign policy.

The best short stories make us think; they question, unsettle, and haunt us. I have a feeling I’ll be thinking about this story long after I’ve read it.

Please take a moment to read Overheard #1 and leave Patrick some feedback.

If anyone wants to workshop their writing further and get more feedback, please join our CAKE.writers group on Scribophile. Scrib is free to join and provides a safe, friendly community to get feedback from a lot of different writers.


3 thoughts on “Featured writer week 29

      • @Patrick

        I see. I don’t claim do be an expert — normally I go with my heart and my intuition while trying to remain constructive.

        Last week, I found Pechorin’s Journal where the author writes thorough reviews of books. I read some from time to time to get ideas on angles for critique (and to read his work because he sometimes critiques books that I am reading).

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