Featured writer weeks 20, 21, 22 and 23

Yes, it’s been six weeks since we had a featured writer. That’s a scary number. We decided not to pick for weeks 18 and 19 as they were so quiet. For the last month, we’ve just been busy. Sorry!

There have been some excellent stories – seems like everyone’s picking up their game for 2013. These are the ones we’ve chosen as featured writer for the last four weeks.

Week 20

Wind in my purple tail by Brinda.

I don’t even know what animal the main character is supposed to be but she makes the anthropomorphism seem believable. I thought the writing was strong too just technically speaking. And I also just thought it was a heart warming and cheerful little story! (from co-editor Naomi)

Please take a moment to read Wind in my purple tail and leave Brinda some feedback.

Week 21

The Mary Rose by Becca Audra.

Becca has stolen my heart with another ocean-themed piece. This story is very lyrical with some lovely word use and rhythm. Also sparked an interesting discussion on rhetoric, which Becca uses here to great effect to emphasise the atmosphere of her piece.

Please take a moment to read The Mary Rose and leave Becca some feedback.

Week 22

Untitled by Fallible.

Trains, suicide and death were a common theme this week, so it was refreshing to see Jon taking those themes flipping the trope on its head. The piece twists into an unexpected but very welcome black comedy, with some short but enjoyable dialogue. Very highly recommended.

Please take a moment to read this story and leave Jon some feedback.

Week 23

Have a Baby by Jacky Hillary.

Within six words, Jacky has already told us plenty about her characters in ‘Baby arrives for jollies’. This gleeful look at giving birth switches up a familiar situation by, firstly, having two mummies instead of a man and woman, and by narrating it through a bubbly, childish main character. The severity of the situation is played down by Laura’s ridiculous antics with the video camera and her reeling off their pre-prepared list for giving birth. Really good fun.

Please take a moment to read Have a Baby and leave Jacky some feedback.


If anyone wants to workshop their writing further and get more feedback, please join our CAKE.writers group on Scribophile. Scrib is free to join and provides a safe, friendly community to get feedback from a lot of different writers.

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