Wednesday Write-in #19

Welcome to the Wednesday Write-in!

CAKE.shortandsweet runs a write-in every week to writers to practise their skills, and get chatting to each other about their work. Everyone is welcome to join in, and the more people you tell, the more everyone will get out of it.

Merry Christmas! If any of you are feeling overwhelmed by festivities, why not ground yourself for ten minutes today with a little creative writing. Best seasonal story will win an extra point!



slither  ::  world cinema  ::  construct  ::  unwrapped  ::  wine


There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some brief guidelines:

  • You can use the prompts as inspiration or try to work them into your story somehow. Use as many as you want.
  • When your story is done, post it online (your blog/twitter/in a comment here), tag with #wednesdaywritein and comment with a link so we can read it. You can write as many stories as you like.
  • Please take the time to read and comment on as many other stories as you can.

Featured Story

We’ll feature our favourite story on the blog with a review of it and links to the author’s blog/twitter/facebook if relevant.

Posts will generally go up at 9am(ish) on Wednesday – stories are due by 10am Thursday (UK) to be considered for the featured story. You can keep posting your work after this, it just won’t be featured.

The winner will also be eligible to publish on our special CAKE.shortandsweet genre through Ether Books.


We’ll keep track of who takes part in the write-ins, and you earn points for different things.

  • Take part in a write-in = 1 point.
  • Comment on other people’s stories = 1 point.
  • Share/reblog this post = 1 point.

When you reach ten points the editing team will give detailed feedback on a story of your choice. This only counts for separate sessions—so if you write five stories for one write-in, that counts as one, and if you share on both facebook and twitter, that’s one.


Please look for us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with the write-ins, or click the follow button to get blog updates!

Don’t forget to read our Previous Issues and check out the Submissions page if you’d like to be a!


Any questions? Otherwise, have fun writing!

33 thoughts on “Wednesday Write-in #19

  1. Good morning and Merry Christmas everyone. I was awake early today and wrote this about 6am. I thought it might take ten minutes but it took and hour and ten! I did enjoyed writing it though as, it’s basically what happened to me yesterday morning, preparing things (like us mums do) before the family arrived. I hope you enjoy it.

    Deck the Halls

    I loosened the holly bough, snipped tight string and separated variegated from yew. Crimson berries bounced and bowled and I stood in precious silence. Family euphoria would follow.
    A tiny slug fell to the carpet, struggled on alien fibre. I watched it curl, watched it arc before scooping with scalloped edge and placed the leaf outside.
    ‘Go slither little slug. Merry Christmas.’

  2. #wednesdaywritein

    Hope you all enjoyed the festivities. Mine is a short one this week.

    “Come on, Love.”
    It was my turn.
    I began by undoing the gold silk bow. It unravelled with ease and slipped from the crimson. I allowed my fingertips to run over the rich red and felt a ripple of excitement at the luxurious packaging.
    “Go on!” said a voice slurred by dinner wine.
    The anticipation building, I stripped away the red. I had the room’s attention now: all eyes on me.
    Unwrapped – the tassels swayed and I felt the crowd’s gasp of appreciation. A whistle pierced through the bawdy air. Ecstatic now; I felt the power of my soft, warm flesh as it enjoyed the art of burlesque.

  3. A shaft of light slithered through the crack in the curtain and snaked its way to where Jim was lying on the sofa. Oh God, he groaned, his whole body throbbing from last night’s mix of beer and curry then too much cheap wine. He couldn’t move, but the damn sun was in his eyes. Wincing from the stab of pain that threatened the lift his scalp, Jim rolled over – the sideways view of the room didn’t help. Gingerly he forced himself to a sitting position and leaned back, eyes closed, willing the world to stop spinning.
    Empty bottles and glasses everywhere. Someone had decided to construct a tower out of the takeaway cartons in the middle of the floor and the smell of food and cigarettes hung like clouds of fog. Jim’s already churning stomach heaved as he fought waves of nausea. An unwrapped box of chocolates lay under the tree, its shiny paper cases crumpled beside it. Oh God, that was for Auntie Viv, Jim squinted at his phone trying to see the time.
    It was too late. The door opened and his parents were standing there surveying the wreckage. “Merry Christmas, Jim. Twenty minutes ‘til everyone arrives so you’ll need to get a move on.”

    • You have to have some sympathy for him. He’s being punished enough.
      I really like his parents’ comment – sympathetic but enjoying the situation?

    • I like the set up here, poor Jim! What a mess he’s made of himself. I think you need to slow down a bit at the end, let us really take in the parents appearing in the doorway, maybe let us survey the damage with them. The ending rushed past me a bit. But great potential here for humour or possibly something much darker–maybe both! 😀

    • Poor Jim.
      I feel his pain!
      I like you’re descriptions of the utter chaos he’s woken up to. Perhaps add a bit more about how Jim felt when he saw his parents standing there. Stretch it out a bit more – make us think they are going to freak out.

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