Featured writer week 16

I hope everyone enjoyed this week’s write-in. You might notice that I’ve been trying to keep up with tweeting everyone’s stories on our twitter feed, so if you have twitter make sure you follow us and share your stories. If you don’t yet, twitter is a great tool for engaging with other writers and readers, so might be worth thinking about!


And now, without further ado, time for our Featured Writer!

Week 16

Siren by Becca Audra.

Becca has created a stunning piece of storytelling this week. She picks up themes and imagery in the first few lines that carry her through to the end of the piece, and her writing is assured and confident. Perhaps from her poet background, Becca has a great sense of sound and rhythm, and lines such as her sea smitten fancies that had married her to a sailor just ring out through your mind.

I can’t recommend this enough.

Please take a moment to read Siren and leave Becca some feedback.

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