Featured writers weeks 9, 10 & 11

Apologies for missing this recently, I was frantically busy preparing to go on holiday, being on holiday, and being in bed with a cold! Not to mention getting ready to write NaNoWriMo…

Now that I’m back, sane, and feeling better (ish), here are the stories we’ve chosen to feature from the last three write-ins. Massive thanks go to co-editor Naomi who has spent the last four hours reading all these stories and comments to help me decide! 

Week 9

We decided to go with In Her Eyes by Krystal.

This is a really sweet little love-story-but-not. I don’t want to give too much away about the relationship but this will definitely grab at your emotions, and I really love the darker edge that surrounds the sweetness of the piece, ready to intrude in time.

Please take a moment to read In Her Eyes and leave Krystal some feedback.

Week 10

This week was really strong and it wasn’t an easy choice, but we’ve settled on Vegetable Box by Jenbee.

This story really touched us. It was quietly humurous, but also very sad. Jen has some beautiful phrasing, for example when she talks of an illness in terms of limbs ‘becoming useless and rusted’. Really recommend this poignant little read.

Please take a moment to read Vegetable Box and leave Jen some feedback.

Week 11

It was very, very difficult to choose this week with a lot of really beautiful, heartbreaking stories. In the end we went for the opposite, celebrating Halloween with Coffee Apocalypse by Rebecca Dudley.

This starts out innocently enough and gradually spirals into the ridiculous and terrifying. Rebecca has worked in some delicious dark humour, and has great fun playing around with the horror genre. Think Shaun of the Dead meets The Office.

Please take a moment to read Coffee Apocalypse and leave Rebecca some feedback.

Honourable mentions this week go to Elaine and Krystal for tugging at my heartstrings, but every story was fantastic. Give yourselves a pat on the back!


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