Featured Writer Week 8

We loved this piece by brassduke, as a fantastic example of the unusual and unexpected things you can do with a prompt. Brassduke blasts us into outer space with a pragmatic futuristic story that oozes with sinister implications, and only makes us long for more. Enjoy!

Brassduke's Blog

This is my Cake Wednesday write-in #8 attempt.

Glazed/ A sticky situation.

It’s safer than cryogenics, that’s the public opinion. You are submerged in a sugary type mixture. It’s translucent rather than transparent. Some describe it to be like falling asleep in a bath of sugar icing. The solution gets everywhere. Your ears, mouth, nose. Every crevice ends up filled.

It has been the most popular stasis method for interstellar travel since the deep unfreeze on the Algon Transport Seven. Since then you have struggled to find a business class cryo passenger on a commercial transport vehicle. Most companies refuse to pay the increased insurance premiums applicable. At least that is what Liza in procurement had told me. “I’m sorry but the cryo is too expensive now. As your trip is only a level four we don’t stretch to it. We’ll need to send you glazed.”

Three months travel. With a job…

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