Featured Story week 5 – Tree House by Becca Audra

Featured writer this week: Becca Audra!

This little piece definitely betrays Rebecca’s poetic background, straying from the reality of difficult teenage years into a wild magical realism where a girl becomes part of the natural world around her. We really enjoyed how this evoked childhood; a sense of loneliness and isolation, translating it into a literal isolation from her peers. Keep writing, Becca!

On another note, Becca you have also reached ten WWI points this week – let us know if you want us to concrit a story for you!


Had to have a think about today’s story for the Wednesday Write-in. I was pretty stuck on the sounds of the words this week, ‘stretched, tree house, tooth, tracks’, all the t’s and r’s and h’s really playing on my mind. Call me a poet.

So last week was an empty house, and this week the tree house prompt was where I began. I wanted to write a story about an apple tree, but it didn’t work out. One of the prompts last week was hunger, and that seems to be recurring this week.  I also had to mention ‘tracks’, it’s been a popular prompt so far with other people’s stories. Here is what did come out:


It was a step to cross. A large step that required jeans and balance. There was a moment you trembled on the mossy stones before your hands could clutch at the tree. You would…

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2 thoughts on “Featured Story week 5 – Tree House by Becca Audra

  1. Wicked, cheers for the reblog :D. I actually do have a story I’ll be sending your way sooooon. Thank you, I’m really enjoying the prompts and the chance to read people’s work, fresh off the keyboard. x

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