Featured writers weeks 2 & 3

Some absent-minded person forgot to post the featured story from last week’s Wednesday Write-in. Sorry!


Week 2

We decided to go with Another Day by Helen (Tea Stranger)

This story embodies many ideals of the short story; to introduce a world that’s new to us, and then to leave it again with a cracking ending. If anything, I would probably cut down the last few sentences and let the horror of that final image really do it’s work. The chatty, domestic atmosphere of the story and that underpinning of childhood really creates a soft, safe space that makes the ending all the more powerful.

Please take a moment to read Another Day and leave Helen some feedback.


Week 3

There are some incredible entries this week too, but after some difficulty deciding, we’ve chosen Lemon Peels by Craig Towsley

Craig’s story is incredibly subtle. There is an awful lot going on with the nameless main character, but we’re left to gather up evidence about him from his surroundings, and the little hint of his actions that we see. There are some really fantastic images, such as “the steel-toed thumping of his headache”, that are very tangible. The story also wraps up a whole range of sense; touch, taste etc, so that the image he puts in your mind feels very tactile. You can feel the match strike and hear the wobble of bottles on the tabletop.

Please take a moment to read Lemon Peels and leave Craig some feedback.


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