Tell us what you want from us

What sort of things would you like to see us posting on CAKEshortandsweet?

For example: daily writing prompts; interviews with our authors; writing tips; links to other publications/competitions; book reviews/suggestions; reviews of our venues; writing competitions; more meetup events; stories from the writers’ circle; guide to our editing process.

Let us know if any of these interest you, or if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to talk to us about. We started CAKE to help other writers, so tell us how we can do that.


3 thoughts on “Tell us what you want from us

  1. Dear Sarah, I have been away a lot during July and now things have calmed down I would like to get back to my normal routine. Having had not much time to think or write recently I have done a bit of reading to ge myself going. I would like to attend the meeting on Sunday 19th to find out what I had missed.
    Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all. I shall try to bring a couple of short stories and would like to have some comments.
    Best regards, Fumiyo

    • Hi Fumiyo,
      Good to hear from you. We’re going to try running the session earlier this week at Nexus, from 1-3pm at Nexus, I just need to double check the room isn’t booked. Hope to see you there!
      If you want to send your work to before the weekend, I’d be happy to print out copies for the group to workshop.

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