Secret plans!

To celebrate National Short Story Week and CAKE’s six month birthday in November, we want to publish our own book.

We’re looking for around 5 – 10 unpublished authors to get involved, and are hoping for the selected writers to submit between 2 and 5 stories each. We want to present a showcase of new writing, giving selected samples of a few good writers’ work.

Now, this is going to be a tight turnaround because November is not very far away. You’ll need to write your first drafts in August and September, then through September – October we’ll go through a process of editing and rewriting with you. The final draft of the book will be edited late October to be issued for Short Story Week. We plan to publish it as an ebook and will look at some options for a print-on-demand paperback. If we go this route then all the contributors to the book will get a free paperback copy.

So, if you think you could write between 2 and 5 stories that are 100 – 5000 words before mid-September, drop us an email to Send us a short (less than 2 pages) sample of your writing (if you’ve already submitted to CAKE you don’t need to include this) in an email expressing your interest and giving a couple of ideas or themes you might like to write about. We’re not going to hold you to these themes, it’s just to get an idea of the sort of things you’d like to do.

Send us your proposal by July 20th if you’d like to get involved. Any questions please comment here or email us.


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