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CAKE has been getting some fantastic press since CAKE.meetup on Saturday, and we’d like to thank everyone who’s been getting involved, sending in stories and offering their services as volunteers.

Special thanks today go to Sarah Selecky for mentioning us in her new free guide to submitting short stories. Sarah is a writer and creative writing tutor, and her website is packed with invaluable advice and tips for getting the most out of your right hemisphere. If you click on her website today you can sign up to follow it and get a copy of ‘The Incomparable Short Story’. Reading this will give you fantastic advice for submitting your short stories, and if you follow those simple rules your submissions to CAKE will have the best possible chance of being successful.

As a bonus, you can sign up for a daily writing prompt. Sarah encourages people to sit and write for at least ten minutes a day. Forcing yourself to get something done, even if you feel it’s awful, can be extremely useful in your development as a writer and we strongly recommend people to sign up for this and give it a go.

Writing is the same as any skill; practicing regularly will help you to improve.

To help CAKE grow, please keep telling all your friends about what we do, and encourage them to send in work. Share us on facebook, blog about stories you enjoyed from Issue 1 and 2, and most importantly, please talk to us! We are still learning too, and your feedback is very welcome.


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