CAKE.meetup went extremely well on Saturday. There was a lovely intimate atmosphere with friendly, enthusiastic people talking about their work, other people’s work, their writing processes, and what they want out of writing and working with others.

We were delighted to have a visit from The Fiction Stroker who has written a very kind and – for us – motivational piece about CAKE and Saturday’s event. You can read it here: Have you had your CAKE?

From CAKE.meetup we’ve discovered that there are an awful lot of people around the city who don’t have good access to a writing group, and who are really enthusiastic about getting involved with other writers. It was in the pipeline for us to set up a CAKE-affiliated writers’ circle, but thanks to the success of Saturday we’ve moved our plans forward a little and will be holding the first Cake Writers’ Circle meeting on Sunday 1st July from 2-5 at Nexus Art Café. That’s a week on Sunday! We’ll be there with our cups of tea, cake, and brand new writing in our hands to share with you. We’ve got some very ambitious plans for this group, and really hope people will get involved!

Find out more about the Writers’ Circle here on Facebook. It’s open to all writers; published or unpublished; short story and scriptwriters, novelists, poets; whatever you write, you’re welcome.

We’re also interested in running an internet writers’ circle for those who aren’t local, or who can’t make it to the group, so please get in touch if you’re interested in getting involved:

The next stage we’re looking at is finding new venues to host CAKE, so please get in touch if you know of anywhere you think would be interested.


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