Round 1 Submissions

Welcome to CAKE.shortandsweet, friends and writers.

We are very excited to announce the official opening of round one submissions for the CAKE publication. The deadline is Monday 30th April so you have just over a week to get those stories down on paper. If you’re thinking about entering, take a moment to read our about page which will hopefully explain what we’re doing here. Once you’re ready, take a look at the submissions page, which has instructions for sending us your work.

Two lovely venues have already agreed to host your stories, and the more news of this spreads, the more will want to join in. So tell all your friends, badger them into sitting down at their computers and pening that story they’ve always meant to. Find us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and help us to help you get published!

…and please bear with us, this blog is still under construction.


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